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A Quick Goodnight in the Morning

After midnight, so, technically, it is morning.
Haven’t slept yet, and it’s just me wasting electricity with lights on downstairs.

I wrote a two thousand word short story this weekend. I have made progress with Twilight’s Child’s rewrite. Wrote some in Walking Shadows. Workwise, I could have done more, but weekends are family time, and it is difficult, as I keep telling my friends on FaceBook.

This week, I allowed my blog to lapse, becasue I get the idea that I am not doing it correctly.

This is a slip back into the past. This is how I do it now. I will get better.

Writer’s Log 01.13.2019-1414

So the new system begins. I have begun writing Starjack, and complete 1067 words. It has shifted form my original vision. Captain Suri Oza is suffering form memory problems due to the use of a long sleep drug that drastically slows his metabolism, usually used with deep sleep tubes. Those on his ship were destroyed. He crawled in a body bag with the body of a friend and injected the drug as a beg middle finger to fate after his ship was damaged.
His memories will dribble back to him over time. The person who shot him will be the last memory he will recover, somewhere near the end of the novella.

I have completed a one-sentence summary of all three Novellas, assigned working titles, and know how each novella ends. I have three main characters, and plan to make each character the POV character of one Novella.