Writer’s Log 01.25.2019-1826

Not a particularly good writing day, 3 out of 10, and will make 5 out of 10 if I finish a thousand words in Starjackers.
This story is not completely a pantser, I have a general plan, but it has changed. Yesterday, I added a Romance subplot, which changed the way the story will go and lengthened, and the time it will take to write. I think I still have a good shot for March, but March 12th is a bit soon. I wrote a good post, “Thoughts on Paranormal Romance: Pride Mates – Ashley,” on my observations on the beginning of Jeffifer Ashley’s Pride Mates. I think it is a good post, and it very likely will influence how I write.
I understand that changing characters will alter the story, but I have realized that I did not have a sufficient plan. Now, after the first disaster, Oza is trying to find a way to get a ship and get off the planet. He has met someone that he doesn’t know if he can trust. He has thrown down the gauntlet for the Bandaged Woman.

You can’t write a book by relentless asking what happens next. At some point, you will always reach a place where what’s next does not work. How do pantsers do it? Face it, no matter what I said in the above paragraph, and the fact that I have an idea who it will end, I don’t know shit about what is next.

It’s been going well, you know, the writing. I am close to ecstatically happy or was until today. Maybe I am tired. I stayed up until 0100 last night. Tired this morning, after writing a bit I slept on the couch for an hour. My mind doesn’t want to work.

I need to back up two scenes/chapters and plan where it goes.

(1) The Canto Secundus transiting through hyperspace arrives at their destination, a red dwarf star that Captain Oza is visiting to pay back a debt incurred during the war. They arrive in system, and find three ships waiting ofr them, something that should be impossible. The Canto Secundus takes damage and only Captain Oza Survives.

(2) Oza wakes in a body bag shared with the corpse of a friend, and manages to escape through the panicked uses of his blaster. He is taken for a medical checkup, and when he is found to be mostly in good condition, he is tossed in jail.

Writer’s Log Supplemental 01.26..2019 – 0918
Wrote this late last night under a deep sense of despair when I realized a few things I will not on my next post.

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