Writer’s Log 01.17.2019 – 0821

Off to a slow start this morning. Honest to god, I didn’t mean to, cause while riding in the car pursuing my morning ritual of delivering the boys to school my mind kicked over several ant hills worth of stories or poems. At home, I feel an anchor attached to my brain. At those moments, it is easy to slip into something comfortable, that comfortable being FACEBOOK (Curse you, Mark Zuckerberg)…
A momentary pause for something that struck me as deeply funny. I misspelled “Zuckerberg” as “Zuckerburg,” and my spell checker suggested Cheese as proper spelling. Stitches, I’m telling you, stitches.
… where I rage at the political state of the world, catch up with posts from friends, though I never, ever check out cat videos (wink). So, I begin my daily log with a kick myself in the ass exercise.
Now, I am ready to start.

Writer’s Log Supplemental – 2213 This was not a good day, partly me, partly other things that needed doing. I found myself easily distractable, and worse, constantly tired.
Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better. No rain. I can get out for a walk. Exercise may be just what my body is order.
So far

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