Writer’s Log 01.14.2019 – 1208

Started my morning with a visit to the Doctor. (You don’t really need to know.) It all came out fine, anyway, blood pressure 112/80, which is really good. I seem to have that in shape.
I started by setting a couple of goals, came up with more ideas about promoting work, and wrote a piece of Flash Fiction, “An Unintentionally Embarrassing Morning.” (584 words)
So, not bad at all. I wrote something, but I have not written on my main project, my next published work. So I am going to take this moment to say, “Get the Lead Out!”

Writer’s Log – Supplemental – 1217: Just a note.
(1) I am going to start a blog to promote my Novella Series. It will be written by the main character.
(2) I intend to do the same thing for Shift.

Writer’s Log Supplemental – 2304: Yea! Two days, with this new system, and I have finished a second scene and a total of 2418 words. Add those to the Flash Fiction Piece mentioned above. Even though I have the novel sort of planned out, I created a species of alien, The Tau Tepe, A species with three separate brains and three semi independent consciousnesses.
I had not planned for that, and now I like the character’s idiosyncrasies. Not sure how it will influence changes in the rest of the novella and the series, but they will.

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