Writer’s Log 01.11.2019-1524

Been one of those days, know what I mean? I stepped on a water hose and fell and twisted my left ankle. It doesn’t hurt bad, but with my Achilles Tendon being a bit calcified, it means that it can take months to heal up. I don’t think it is that bad, you know, but I probably won’t know for sure until tomorrow.
And now, Grammarly ( a great program by the by) is telling me “know what I mean” (written as a tongue in cheek salute to my childhood in Oklahoma where that phrase appeared multiple times in any conversation, know what I mean) wants me to change it for “uncertainty.”
Why in holy hell would I want to do that?

Writer’s Log – Supplemental; Off to a late start today, so don’t “twizzen” judge.
A question came up in the Novella I am working on, how do I handle profanity. I do, indeed, want my characters to speak, and at least one of them is as profane a man as you might ever find, especially when he wakes up in a body bag. He is surrounded by people who are less profane only in that they do not have as much dialog. I am going to come up with my own choice words.
Twizzen – Galac Basic word for extinct American English slang “fucking.”
Galac Basic – The common language spoken in the region of space where the story takes place. Galac Basic varies from star to star.
I will add other choice words, and post them separately as a page, perhaps.
Working on Space Opera novella.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental-2019: Some days you write the bear, and some days it runs off with your mind and shit’s it away in the wood. I’ve written some on the Space Opera Novella. Interesting work.

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