Writer’s Log 01.10.2019-0807

Sometimes, a writer must take the seat of their (gender neutral pronoun) pants firmly in hand and lift themselves by their belt loops. Yea, the metaphor could be improved, but this is about pantsing, writing from the seat of their pants, not the game where jocks (I was never one) jerk the pants of nerds (that’s me) down around their ankles. Lot’s of fun for observers, bullies, and jocks, loads of humiliation for nerds. Besides, I am not complete pantser. I know how this story ends and begins. I know the main characters, just a little hazy about everything in between.
Read my Novel “Shift.”

Slipped off that subject, I suppose. Well, for the morning I am working on my upcoming Novella, writing the first draft of a scene titled, “A Body Bag With a View.” More on the flip.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental 0839: Trying to decide in this Science Fiction Novella if I should just let the profanity rip, or if I should create a profane lingo.
Think I will go with my gut and create a lingo or jargon for profanity. Beta readers and editors can change my mind if they want to try.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental 0947: Wrote 357 words. Not bad, but not good either. I need to go do a load of laundry. Latter.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental 1153: After a load of laundry, I edited Chapter Eight Scene 1 of “The Jungian Gate.” The work continues.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental 1510: More editing on Jungian Gate, continued with the sequel.

Writer’s Log – Supplemental 1529: Finished Chapter 1 Scene 1 of the TJG’s sequel.

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